The Chemical Exhaust Advantage

Professional Service

For over 70 years, Chemical Exhaust has been working with restaurants, hotels, hospitals, commercial and industrial facilities throughout Northern California.

Our Reputation

Our reputation for quality and excellence has been built on proven reliable workmanship, service and integrity.

Choosing Chemical Exhaust

Once you choose Chemical Exhaust we’ll call to schedule a convenient appointment.  Our bonded, trained service techs will work around YOUR schedule – day, night, weekends or holidays – so that your operation is never interrupted by our service. Upon completion we’ll track re-servicing to assure you of a regular preventative maintenance program.

24-Hour Service

Part of our quality assurance program a foreman oversees every job. Our on-call supervisor is also available to assist you day or night, and prepared to offer 24-hour service to meet any emergency.

Cleaned by Chemical Exhaust
Cleaned by Chemical Exhaust
Chemical Exhaust - 1953
Chemical Exhaust - 1953

How we clean your facility

Our employees are trained, insured and bonded union workers who use the latest techniques to get the job done right. If it means getting inside your ducts to properly clean them we’ll do it. If it means installing access panels to give us the ability to reach inaccessible areas we’ll do it. Whatever it takes to give you a quality job we’ll do it !

We don’t use sub-contractors or independent contractors; only hourly technicians who won’t shortcut the job because they get paid a flat-rate. The quality of our work is constantly monitored by quality control inspectors and digital pictures are taken before and after the cleaning.

Scheduling and Documentation

We use a customized database program to schedule your work on a regular periodic basis. No need to call us to find out when your system requires the next service – we’ll be in touch with you shortly before your next due date.

A copy of your service report is always left with your staff when the work is completed. If you need a listing of your services for your insurance carrier, safety personnel, or upper management just call or email and we’ll instantly send it to you.


Chemical Exhaust carries complete property and liability insurance coverage as well as an umbrella policy with excess limits and our employees are bonded. Our employees are covered by a California Worker’s Compensation Policy and our vehicles are fully insured. Certificates of insurance are available upon request.

Availabililty at the time you need it

Chemical Exhaust will clean your facility at the time most convenient to you. We understand that you have a business that operates for your customer’s time requirements.

Generally that means we’ll be at your facility when it is closed. Our crews normally work at night, but if you need us during the day we’ll be there and are available 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency.

Safety Training

Our well-trained technicians use all the latest techniques to get the job done right. Every employee undergoes regular safety training to insure all OSHA and other guidelines are strictly adhered to. This includes respirator training, ladder and bosun chair safety, driver training and confined space training. All employees are certificated where required.

Since our staff enters your ducts we have a complete confined space training program.  We provide documentation to insure the safety of our staff, the safety of your facility as well as insuring that you meet your “host employer” responsibilities.

Now you know

For over 70 years, Chemical Exhaust has been the go-to Ventilation Cleaning Company in Northern California!

Find out for yourself why Chemical Exhaust is the most experienced firm of its type in the Bay Area and Northern California.

References are available upon request.

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