Our Services

Grease Exhaust System Hood & Duct Cleaning


Grease in kitchen exhaust ducts is a major cause of restaurant and commercial cooking facility fires. Insurance companies recognize this and demand that grease flues be cleaned on a regular basis.

Commercial Kitchen Cooking Equipment Cleaning

Cleaned by Chemical Exhaust

We’re specialists in commercial kitchen cleaning. Our staff is thoroughly trained to clean and degrease all of your kitchen cooking equipment.

Laundry & Dryer Exhaust System Cleaning

Corrugated zinc tube closeup.

Cleaning your dryer exhaust system improves ventilation flow, reduces heating costs, saves energy and reduces fire hazards.

Stack Cleaning & Vertical Duct Cleaning


Chemical Exhaust is one of the few companies in California that can actually lower a technician inside your multi-story vertical ducts or stacks to insure a complete cleaning of the walls of the duct.

HVAC System Cleaning - coils, vents, fans & plenums


We offer thorough and professional cleaning of your HVAC systems. This includes the supply and exhaust systems, as well as heating and cooling coils.